T.Y. EXPRESS Newsletter Vol. 1

Published June 2011

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the earthquake in Japan


4月の1ヶ月間で各店舗にご来店頂いたみなさまからの東日本大震災への寄付が1,242,204円となりました。これは全店舗での自社ビール売上10%、各店舗設置の募金箱、そして去る4月23日に主催したチャリティ・イベントのドリンク売上全額です。 ご報告を申し上げると共にスタッフ一同みなさまの温かいお気持ちに感謝し、ここにお礼を申し上げます。


For the month of April we were elated to collect contributions for the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami from customer visiting our locations in the amount of 1,242,204 yen. This was based on 10% of all TY Harbor beer sales, in-store collection boxes, and revenue from charity events. We are extremely grateful for the wonderful support and contributions of our valued customers.

All donations will be provided to 「Kokkyo Naki Kodomotachi(KnK)」 for supporting child victims of the tragic events on March.

A Great Summer Gift


T.Y. Harbor

毎夏好評のT.Y.ハーバー ブルワリーのクラフトビールセット。今年はベーカリー「ブレッドワークス」の詰め合わせもご用意。季節の限定お菓子がおすすめです。ちょっとしたお礼からお世話になった方へのギフトにいかがですか?

T.Y.ハーバー ブルワリー クラフトビールセット
6本セット ¥3,200(税込)
9本セット ¥4,700(税込)

Looking for a great Summer gift for your favorite beer fan? Check out this tasty Craft Beer set from T.Y.HARBOR Brewery. And if your special someone prefers bread to beer, breadworks has just the thing!. Scroll down for their lineup of Summer gift boxes.

Craft Beer
■ 6 bottles set ¥3,200(includes tax)
(Basic set:Pale ale 2, amber ale, wheat ale, IPA, Imperial stout 1 each)
■ 9 bottles set ¥4,700(includes tax)
(Basic set:Pale ale, amber ale, wheat ale, IPA 2 each, Imperial stout 1)

Summer Gift

T.Y.ハーバー ブルワリー
Tel : 03-5479-0776
E-mail : brewery@tyharborbrewing.co.jp


Tel : 03-5479-0776
E-mail: brewery@tyharborbrewing.co.jp
* You can change the beer type in this set. Please contact us by email or phone.

Happiness is a breadworks gift box!

ブレッドワークス サマーギフト

breadworks Summer Gift

小箱セット ¥1,200
Small box ¥1,200

白胡麻チュイル/12枚 ライムクッキー/10枚 亜麻仁スティック/2本
White Sesame Tuile/12p
Lime Cookie/10p Linseed Stick/2p

breadworks Summer Gift

小箱セット スティック ¥1,200
Small Box "Sticks" ¥1,200

ブラウニー/5本 亜麻仁スティック/5本
Brownie/5p  Linseed Stick/ 5p

breadworks Summer Gift

中箱セット ¥1,800
Box ¥1,800

白胡麻チュイル/24枚 ライムクッキー/10枚 ブリオッシュ ラスク/1袋
White Sesame Tuile/24p Lime Cookie/10p Brioche rusk/1bag

breadworks Summer Gift

中箱セット スティック ¥1,800
Box "Sticks" ¥1,800

Linseed Stick/ 14p

breadworks Summer Gift

大箱セット ¥2,800
Big Box ¥2,800

TEL : 03-5479-3666
E-mail : breadworks@tyharborbrewing.co.jp

8時〜20時 無休 Open Daily from 8 to 8

WATERLINE Happy Hour, from 5PM




WATERLINE will open at 5PM in June, half an hour earlier than usual, meaning another 30 minutes to enjoy our award-winning craft beers or a glass of wine on the water, under the evening sky. All you need now is an excuse to get out of the office!


beacon terrace open!

ビーコン テラス



beacon, Aoyama's popular "urban chop house," enjoys a special location near the heart of Tokyo, yet removed enough to make for relaxed Summer chillin'. The terrace is now open, go get on over there for lunch, Sunday brunch or a special metroplitain dinner.

beacon Terrace

At last! Original branded goods from breadworks.




Turn heads and conversations with the stylish canvas and leather tote bag from breadworks. Large enough for your breadworks bread or lunch box. Goes smashingly with the matching breadworks mug!!

Original Tote Bag
Mug Cup

トートバッグ ¥4,200(税込)
トートバッグカバー付き ¥4,500(税込)
マグカップ ¥1,000(税込)

Original tote bag will on store in late June
■ Tote bag ¥4,200 (includes tax)
Tote bag with cover ¥4,500 (includes tax)
* Limited quantities available
■ Mug ¥1,000 (includes tax)

2011, The Months Ahead




The first half on 2011 is quickly drawing to a close. At T.Y. Express we're looking forward to an exciting Fall with the launch of a new website, our first blog, new ventures and a range of new catering services. There's lots going on here, so check in with us via the website now and again to see what's new!