T.Y. EXPRESS Newsletter Vol. 1

Published July 2010

TY Newsletter Start!

“ニュースレター from TY” 始めます!

T.Y. HARBOR / Waterline / CICADA / beacon / breadworks

第一号である今号につきましては、T.Y. Expressスタッフと名刺交換していただいた方に配信させていただいております。万が一誤って送信された場合や配信停止をご希望の場合はEメールにてご連絡ください。

We are pleased to announce that we'll be delivering a seasonal newsletter four times a year to our many valued restaurant customers. In each issue you'll find useful info from TY Express about new services, restaurant specials, location openings and more. This first edition is being sent out to customers from whom our staff have received business cards. If for any reason you would prefer not to receive our email newsletter please email us.

New Bakery by T.Y. HARBOR


breadworks OPEN!


Time passes at a more leisurely pace along the canal, and from early morning the scent of freshly-baked bread fills the air. Breadworks is a great place to slow down and savor the waterfront lifestyle for a spell. Here you can enjoy a selection of beer breads made from the same hard yeasts we use in the brewery, as well as sandwiches, salads, cakes and more. Come explore our rich selection of bakery favorites, priced so you can enjoy them every day.

breadworks   2-1-3 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 / Tel. 03-5479-4555 / Open everyday: 8am - 8pm

TY Beer Now for Sale!



> さらに詳しく

At last! We're now selling the very same TY micro-brews you enjoy at our restaurants. Now you can enjoy our regular Pale Ale and Amber Ale beers at home or send them as a gift.
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330ml /本 330ml / bottle
6本パック 6 bottles / Pack ¥ 3,200
9本パック 9 bottles / Pack ¥ 4,700

送料は別途かかります / Shipping not included

TY Beer Now for Sale!

beacon Patio OPEN!



青山通りを一本奥に入った場所にあるbeacon。周りは緑に囲まれ静かで落着いた街並み。そんなbeaconのバーに新しくテラスがオープンしました。お昼は夏の風を感じながら爽やかなランチを、 そして夜は涼しい夜風にあたりながらワインとお料理はいかがですか。リーズナブルな小皿のメニューを豊富にご用意いたしました。

A stone's throw from bustle of Aoyama Blvd lays beacon, surrounded by green along Aoyama's quiet back streets. A splendid location has just gotten better with our new outdoor terrace dining area. For a refreshing lunch on a Summer afternoon or a glass of wine with dinner under the stars, fans of al fresco dining now have a great new hangout in Aoyama.
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beacon Patio OPEN!

Catering by T.Y. EXPRESS


Catering by T.Y.EXPRESS


In response to many requests from our valued customers we have begun offering catering services! You can order catering from each of our restaurants, with services which include TY micro-brews, homemade breads and - coming soon - cruise plans! Great food, local beer, and full service - our catering is truly a cut above the rest.
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