For the happiest couple
We want to offer the happiest time
That is our wish

Hospitality with first-rate cuisine that only a restaurant wedding could offer An original party whose uniqueness will leave a lasting impressing.
We help to present an original party that only a restaurant could offer with one day and one team of personnel, in a way that all of your guests would be able to think the same thing:

“Truly we were glad it was here.”
When a wedding is held in a restaurant, it becomes a special place that you can always return to for anniversaries, birthdays or other events. Since each of our restaurants has unique cuisines and spaces available to them, you are free to choose a restaurant that suits your personal style. We will present a day that will warm your heart.

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T.Y.HARBOR/ WATERLINE:090-3066-0776 beacon/IVY PLACE:090-2727-0776
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T.Y. HARBOR wedding


A happy day blessed by the sky and the sea. In the midst of natural surroundings that make you forget you are still in the city, this becomes a place of memories for the two of you as well as for all your guests.



With a party like being aboard ship, it’s exactly like have a wedding right on the water. Bathed in water and light, this is a modern room that floats on the canals. It’s a special place that, once you visit it, you will never forget it.

beacon wedding


Enjoy first-rate cuisine and wines at a stylish wedding party in a relaxed and refined restaurant space.