Kenichi Saito
Omotesando Division General Manager
Kenichi Saito

I’ve been working in the restaurant industry for just over twenty years, but nearly all of that has been spent with this company. What makes T.Y.EXPRESS such a great company is that there are a lot of people here who have been working here even longer than I. I have been a lot of wonderful people and have really grown. My motto when it comes to work is that I have the most fun. There are five reasons why I really love this job.
1. It is a job that maximizes the use of the five human senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch).
2. The desire to eat and to drink is shared by both the poor and the rich in order to live, and there is a fairness in a job that provides that.
3. I can feel a bond between the customers who choose CICADA out of all the other restaurants there are to choose from.
4. The joy I feel when a customer naturally smiles and says how delicious or how good the food was.
5. A restaurant is a location that not only satisfies the stomach, but also satisfies people’s hearts.

Mitsuharu Seki
Mitsuharu Seki

As someone whose work is cuisine, the thing I think most about is to not offer self-satisfied cuisine or service. A restaurant is meaningless without guests. For the customers who come to our restaurant, I want to offer them cuisine as a matter of course, but beyond that I would be grateful if they were able to enjoy themselves in this space we call CICADA.
I work hard to develop tight communication with the service staff for the dining hall, so that we can always continue to provide cuisine and service that meets the customers' needs. That’s the kind of cook I want to be, and I work hard every day with the whole of CICADA’s personnel to become that.