T.Y.EXPRESS catering offer you a real catering service based on our experience and hospitality with authentic food from our restaurants, craft beer from our brewery and artisan bread from our bakery.

We have wide selection of catering menu that we chose our most popular menu from our restaurants, craft beer from our brewery and home made bread from our bakery.
From casual cocktail party with finger food to elegant sit-down dinner, we custom made your party depends on your needs.

Catering Drop Off

Drop Off

An arrangement of popular menu items from each restaurant arrayed as stunning finger foods.Select eight of your favorite items from a wide selection of menu items. We will then quickly deliver them, vividly arranged for your party to enjoy. Recommended for those who wish to enjoy a simple and casual party at home.
Catering Drop Off


Our full-time personnel coordinate everything from setting up to service and cleaning up. You can choose your favorite items from each of our restaurants to be on your menu. This plan is perfect for both casual and formal parties.