Staff - Omotesando

Takafumi Shibazaki
Head Baker
Takafumi Shibazaki

"Bread has its own time."

Bread is alive, and like all living things, it breathes.
It needs to rest.
All we have to do is keep the bread’s stress low, let it relax and bond with the yeast. Then it will respond.

I always want to be able to offer a variety of different breads that will make people smile and feel good.

Sachiko Hiroi
breadworks & crisscross
Sachiko Hiroi

I’ve been in the food service industry since high school –so that makes more than 20 years (lol).
At first I was pretty bad and I was always the punching bag of the senior employees. But I’ve hung in there and now I know the food service industry top to bottom, thanks to a lifetime of experience with customers and other employees. Isn’t it amazing that I still keep in touch with customers and colleagues I met more than a decade ago?

We’re relocating the café from Tennozu to Omotesando pretty soon, and I’m itching to meet a whole new town of customers.
I love my job so much, that I’ve been promoted all the way to manager, or "Okami (proprietress)". But you know what? Don’t tell anyone, but I want to be the one who opens T.Y. Express’ first snack bar, "Sachiko."