Standing Plan

Wedding Buffet Menu¥8,000 (inc. tax and service charge)

Sauteed seasonal vegetables

Roasted salmon with tomato vinaigrette and seasonal vegetables

Roasted Australian rib eye with horseradish cream

Shrimp jambalaya

Creme Brulee with seasonal fruits

Drink Plan¥3,800 (inc. tax and service charge)

Tennoz Ale, red and white wines, gin, crème de cassis, soft drinks

  • With this plan you can feel free to drink as much as you like.
  • Minors under legal drinking age ¥1,500
  • Sparkling wine can be added to this plan for an additional ¥1,000
  • Craft beers available.

Dessert Buffet¥2,000 (inc. tax and service charge)

Coffee and tea included.

* There will be a 30 minute break before dessert is served.

Wedding Floor Plan - Standing party