Company Information

T.Y.EXPRESS is a company that offers people happy times through food. Our goal is not merely to sell food and drink, but to create restaurants that serve as venues where people can enjoy their time together, and to that end we aim to establish ourselves in our communities and to foster the development of loyal customers in the hope of becoming the kind of restaurant you wish would always be around. We also produce our own beers and breads, reliably and with quality, and offer the opportunity for unique dining events through our catering and bridal services.

Corporate Overview

2-1-6 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo Metropolitan District  > Map
Shimpei Terada, Company President
¥21 million
Principal Shareholders:
Shimpei Terada
Terada Warehouse Company
Business Content:
Restaurant Management, Brewery and Bakery Facilities, Catering and Bridal Services

Corporate History

April 1997:
T.Y.HARBOR BREWERY, Tennoz Isle, Shinagawa
September 2003:
February 2006:
WATERLINE, Tennoz Isle, Shinagawa
April 2006:
beacon, Aoyama
March 2010:
breadworks, Tennoz Isle, Shinagawa
Began our catering business
December 2011:
IVY PLACE, Daikanyama